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STURGEON BAY, WI (May 13, 2015) – Marine Travelift Inc. announced today that Ancora Marina in Neustadt, Germany, took delivery of a new Marine Travelift 75 BFMII mobile boat hoist. Ancora Marina, Germany’s largest five-star marina, is located on the Bay of Lübeck in Schleswig-Holstein, northeast of Hamburg and southeast of Kiel.

The new 75 BFMII is the marina’s fourth mobile boat hoist from Marine Travelift, and it replaces a 1988 Marine Travelift 70 BFM and a 1992 70 BFM. According to Michael Wippern from Dr. Ing. Bender & Wippern GmbH, Marine Travelift’s local dealer, the marina staff selected this machine due to Marine Travelift’s reputation for reliability, the marina’s good relationship with its Hamburg-based dealer, and the fact that the new mobile boat hoist will provide a better lifting solution for the company.

“The wireless remote control allows easier handling of the machine, especially with bigger boats, and the higher capacity compared to the old 70-ton machine is necessary so the marina can accept more customers,” Wippern said. “The new machine will improve Ancora Marina’s operational efficiency, and it will help them expand their business into the future.”

The new 75 BFMII’s wireless remote control increases operator visibility of the boat, launch piers, and surrounding areas. It also improves operational safety, and ensures maximum maneuverability in the boatyard.

To maintain consistency and provide an extra measure of efficiency and safety, the wireless remote control unit is laid out in the same format as the controls in the operator cab. And, Marine Travelift provides an important mechanical back-up in the event the transmitter is damaged.

The marina also elected to incorporate an electronic load indicator, which allows you to receive an electronic readout of vessels’ weights.

Another important feature is the machine’s Automatic Variable Throttle (AVT), which adjusts engine speed automatically to reduce fuel consumption and increase component life. It draws only the power you need to complete the task at hand.

Other significant options the marina selected were the Sound Suppression I Kit, which reduces engine noise through a foam lining on the inside of the engine compartment; and extra depth below grade, which allows the operator to accommodate tidal fluctuations by adjusting the wire rope length on the hoist drum. With this feature, the marina will be able to launch vessels at any tide level. The German marina also chose to have Marine Travelift’s European Package which provides full CE compliance for valued customers in the European Union.

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