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STURGEON BAY, WI – The recent delivery of a Marine Travelift 150TUG (330,000 lbs/150metric ton capacity) Mobile Boat Hoist to Bayliss Boatworks in Wanchese, NC has increased the yard’s lifting capacity by 50% while maintaining a similar footprint to their previous 100 metric ton marine Travelift. This increased capacity has allowed the boatbuilder to continue to produce and service larger vessels without any major modifications to infrastructure.

About Bayliss boatworks

Founded in 2002, Bayliss Boatworks has been building custom sportfishing yachts in the Outer Banks for 20 years. They operate a full-service boat yard to support, maintain, and refit the boats they build, in addition to servicing yachts built by others.

John Bayliss, owner of Bayliss Boatworks, worked as a fulltime charter captain and commercial fisherman for 27 years before transitioning to boatbuilding.

“The years spent offshore really helped us to develop the boats we build today, and I cannot imagine ever building a boat without that previous experience,” he says.

Around 15 years ago the boatbuilder opened a full-service yard and purchased his first Marine Travelift Machine, a 100 BFMII. This new 150TG model replaces their original machine, increasing the yard’s lifting capacity from 100 to 150 metric tons.

The 150TG (Tug) boat hoist

Marine Travelift’s TG boat hoist model eliminates one set of hoist blocks (compared to the 150 ton C-series boat hoist model) while maintaining full lifting capacity to accommodate shorter and heavier vessels. This configuration is often utilized for tug and push boats, and it fit Bayliss’ need for more power with a footprint comparable the BFMII they had used for 15 years.

Considerations like hull shape, beam length, and weight of the vessels the yard currently hauls were addressed by Marine Travelift’s Mid-Atlantic Sales Rep, Craig Lewis, when the conversation about this upgrade began. Initially, a single-tire C-Series boat hoist was considered, but the 150TG offered the right combination of power and size for the vessels Bayliss currently hauls, while providing the additional power the yard will need as they continue to grow into building and servicing larger and heavier boats.

customization options

Marine Travelift takes pride in customizing boat hoists, marine forklifts, and hydraulic transporters for the specific needs of each individual marina and boatyard.

Bayliss Boatworks’ 150TG model is equipped with a wireless remote control, offering the operator greater visibility as they are free to move around the load and view all corners of the machine without the assistance a spotter. Marine Travelift customers often note this option has a greater than expected impact on labor costs.

The most notable customization on this 150TG is its single tire configuration. Generally, the 150TG model is built with a double tire configuration at each corner, but the width of the existing piers on site ruled out this option for Bayliss’ upgrade. Marine Travelift engineers designed this model to satisfy the yard’s specific layout to work with the infrastructure already in place.

“Our first machine was a brand new 100 ton with remote control. It performed flawlessly and delivered us 15 years of trouble-free service; we are very happy. As our boats got bigger, we wanted a slightly larger machine that could lift more weight yet still fit in our existing footprint. We worked with our sales rep and the [Marine Travelift] engineers to build a new 150 ton with single wheels instead of the standard double wheel configuration. We are extremely happy with our new 150 ton, and the customizations that Marine Travelift engineered for us fit our application perfectly. The single wheel 150 ton has checked all of the boxes!” – John Bayliss commented.

from design to delivery

Marine Travelift teams are present in every stage of the process for each new machine, from the initial conversation with sales through service and maintenance after delivery.

Crews at Bayliss Boatyard were impressed with the service technician team onsite for the delivery of the 150TG. They set up the new boat hoist and dismantled the old BFMII in only five days and pouring rain didn’t impede their progress.

“The crew who set up our new machine, then dismantled and shipped our old one were nothing short of impressive. Two very hard-working guys that knew exactly what they were doing.” -John Bayliss

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