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Marine Forklifts

Customized to fit your needs

Customize cab position, wheelbase, mast height,and more to fit your marina’s exact specifications. View Available Options >

Marine Forklifts Overview

Marine Travelift Hydro M_Drive marine forklifts are designed and engineered around decades of operator input and feedback. All of our forklifts include our exclusive hydrostatic drive system, which means you can be confident that your marina is getting the most precise and productive forklift on the market at the lowest total cost of ownership.

pontoon forklift stacking


15,000 lbs. / 7,000 kg
Wheelbase options: 105”

20000 lbs marine travelift forklift


20,000 lbs. / 9,000 kg
Wheelbase options: 129”, 105”

23,000 lbs boat forklift


23,000 lbs. / 10,400 kg
Wheelbase options: 140”, 129”, 105”

26,000 lbs marina forklift


26,300 lbs. / 11,900 kg
Wheelbase options: 140”, 129”

28000 lbs marine forklift


27,000 lbs. / 12,200 kg
Wheelbase options: 160”, 129”

36,000 lbs forklift moving boat


36,000 lbs. / 16,300 kg
Wheelbase options: 160”, 140"

Marine Travelift Marina Forklift 4200


42,000 lbs. / 19,000 kg
Wheelbase options: 140”, 129"

52,000 lbs drystack commercial boat forklift


52,000 lbs. / 23,500 kg
Wheelbase options: 160”

Fulcrum Logo Design Outline

Various Mast Heights

Built around your existing facility & infrastructure.
Ask us for more details!

Forklift Weight Capacity

15,000 lbs. – 52,000 lbs. and larger | 7,000 kg – 23,500 kg and larger


  • Hydro M_Drive marine forklifts are built to lift and launch vessels from 15 ft. (4.6 m) – 50 ft. (15.2 m) in length.
  • Whether you are a boat builder looking for a marine forklift you can trust to safely transport your vessels, or a drystack marina looking for added efficiency – our forklifts are proven to have the best productivity in high duty cycle environments.
  • From powerboats to fishing vessels to pontoons – and everything in between – our forklifts lift a wide variety of boats with the durability and reliability you expect from Marine Travelift.

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Cab Positions

Side cab or center cab? With Marine Travelift – you pick, based on your preference. Either way, you’ll be getting a marine forklift that is designed and engineered to give operators the clearest views around.

With Marine Travelift’s forward-mounted side cabs, your operator will have maximum visibility throughout the launching or stacking process – the best in the industry. Our unique optimal visibility is achieved by positioning the forklift driver further forward over the front tire.
Our Hydro M_Drive center-mounted operator cabs feature wide view masts for maximum visibility. Enable your operator to see all the angles, right from their chair – making it the best center cab views in the marina industry.

Marine Forklifts Features

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Countless Years of Tradition. Constant Innovation.

With over sixty years of experience in the industry, everyone on the Marine Travelift team takes pride in building the equipment you trust. From our in-house engineers to our expert customer care technicians, we work with you to build the exact machine you need, and provide the service you expect — to keep your business running.

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