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As Hurricane Dorian moved across the Atlantic Ocean a few weeks ago there was a real possibility of a direct hit to the Florida coast. All attention was put on getting as many boats out of the water as quickly as possible. Glasstech Corp. in Miami, Florida, was able to utilize their recently added TM60 self-propelled transporter to maximize every inch of storage space in their yard.

Nelson Fernandez Jr., co-founder of Glasstech, said, “The Marine Travelift hydraulic transporter we recently received was nothing short of a God send to Glasstech and our customers. The trailer allowed us to receive and place, on the hard, an extra 14 boats for protection from Hurricane Dorian (see photos). This includes four boats that you can’t see from these photos because they were in our two sheds on each side of two large boats. Overall, we were able to place an incredible 34 boats on the hard– something we’ve never done before!”

Whether it’s everyday operations or in preparation for an incoming storm, Marine Travelift understands the importance of being able to maximize storage space. Our self-propelled transporters are designed to work in combination with our mobile boat hoist to increase storage capabilities. In addition, by using the two machines together Glasstech was able to move a greater number of boats in the same amount of time. By using the transporter to maneuver boats into storage it frees up the boat hoist to continue pulling boats.

Marine Travelift TM60 transporters have a capacity of up 132,000 lbs. and can move boats up to 65 ft. long. They are highly versatile and ideal for indoor floor storage, especially as marinas begin to prepare for the winter months. All units are equipped with standard features like our remote control, crab steering as part of the 4-wheel steer package and hydraulic lift & suspension to ensure that transporter operators have maximum maneuverability of the machine.

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