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Customizable to Meet the Demands and Dimensions of Your Bulk Carrier

marine travelift hatch cranes

Since Marine Travelift was established in 1954 we have always prided ourselves on providing innovative lifting solutions to the maritime industry. We first started building hatch cover cranes in the 1980s. These diesel units are ideally suited to efficiently stack hatch covers as they are completely self-contained and operate independently of the ship’s power.

Lifting Capacities & Options

ship hatch cover crane Marine Travelift

Like all of our equipment, our in-house team of engineers are able to customize your crane to ensure it is compatible with your vessel’s dimensions and various cover pick points. Marine Travelift hydraulic hatch cover cranes are available with lifting capacities of 15,000 lbs., 60,000 lbs. or 90,000 lbs.

Corrosion Resistant Paint System 

In addition, these cranes are made to last in any marine environment. They feature our 2-step PPG Paint process, which includes a zinc-enriched epoxy primer and a siloxane topcoat to provide superior long-lasting performance.

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Interested in discussing our hatch cover cranes capabilities further? Want to see technical specifications?  Contact the Marine Travelift sales team here.