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STURGEON BAY, WI – The recent delivery of a Marine Travelift 200CII (440,000 lbs /200,000 kg capacity) Mobile Boat Hoist to MBK Marine Industries in Abu Dhabi, UAE is an integral part of their large shipyard development project.

MBK Marine Industries

MBK Marine Industries is a new shipyard in Abu Dhabi, UAE, developed to fulfill their vision to have a commercially viable, quality and safety controlled one-stop shop for marine and oil and gas works.

The company’s year-long project began in mid-2021 and will be completed within the next few weeks. The scope of this project is broad – including the development of 87,000 square meters with a 2,000 metric ton capacity floating dry dock, a 150-meter jetty, a bay for operating the 200CII Marine Travelift Boat Hoist, and facilities for both workshops and storage.

Services at this facility will include the building of commercial vessels, the repair, maintenance and modification of ships, the construction of drilling platforms, and onshore and offshore oil and gas fields and facilities services.

The addition of the Marine Travelift 200CII boat hoist will allow MBK to have timely and cost-effective docking and undocking operations.

Very few modifications were made to this 200CII boat hoist as infrastructure didn’t exist on site before the purchase of this machine. There were no limiting factors for either width or height, which will allow MBK to haul a variety of vessels with ease.


“[Marine Travelift] completed the erection and commissioning before schedule,” An MBK representative commented. “And the delivery and setup process was excellent.”

In addition, they noted “…good training provided by the Marine Travelift technicians regarding operation and maintenance.”

Every Marine Travelift machine setup includes an onsite factory-trained technician from within their extensive global dealer and service network. Participation from yard owners/managers, operators, and site maintenance/mechanics is encouraged during this opportunity to familiarize with the machine, as safety is always a priority.

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