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Brewer South Freeport Marine Opts for a Yanmar Engine

Brewer South Freeport Marine is a full-service boatyard located on the Harraseeket River in South Freeport, Maine and has a longstanding relationship with Marine Travelift. In 1996, Brewer welcomed a 35 BFM Marine Travelift boat hoist with 77,000 lb. lift capacity to their facility and for the past 23 years they’ve counted on their 35 BFM to haul and launch thousands of vessels.

Upgrading Lifting Capacity While Maintaining Footprint

Last year, John Brewer, Yard Manager at Brewer South Freeport Marine, began to explore the idea of adding another Marine Travelift boat hoist to their yard. In January, he decided that upgrading the lifting capacity to 110,000 lbs. with a 50 BFMII was the best long-term option.  In order to minimize other yard changes the Marine Travelift team designed their new 50 BFMII with a similar footprint to Brewer’s existing 35 BFM, allowing them to easily navigate their existing infrastructure.  Along with the added capacity and similar footprint, Brewer brought forth the idea of building the new boat hoist with a Yanmar engine instead of the standard Deutz engine which is traditionally used in 50 BFMII models.

Choosing a Custom Engine

Yanmar Marine Engine in Mobile Boat Hoist

“We are a Yanmar Marine Engine dealer,” explained Brewer. “Because we service these engines on a daily basis, we always have the parts on hand and know how reliable Yanmar engines are. It was key that Marine Travelift was able to accommodate this request for us.”

Marine Travelift is well known for taking on custom requests to satisfy customer needs and the Yanmar engine was no exception. Through engineering and design, the Marine Travelift team worked to ensure the Yanmar Marine Engine would be compatible with the 50 BFMII mobile boat hoist. The engine passed all Marine Travelift standard engine testing and was outfitted with an optional cold start package to ensure the engine is ready for even the coldest days in Maine.

50 BFMII On Site

Brewer South Freeport Marine New Marine Travelift Boat Hoist

Brewer South Freeport Marine’s 50 BFMII was delivered in July 2019. With the addition of the new mobile boat hoist, they now enjoy added efficiency that come with innovative options like the wireless remote control for easy operation, LED light package for maximum visibility and faster lifting speeds. The new machine is also equipped with a forward top beam extension, which allows them to easily transport sailboats without having to adjust the boat’s rigging.

Engine Options from Marine Travelift

At Marine Travelift, we take pride in offering our customers the most innovative, reliable and trusted equipment in the industry. Ultimately, we strive to provide a solution that best fits each customer’s unique operation and that is why, along with many other options, you are able to choose a Deutz, Cummins or Yanmar engine in our 25-50 ton BFMII boat hoists. This allows you to have the engine your yard is most familiar with, maximizing machine uptimes.

Interested in learning more about the different engine options for Marine Travelift boat hoist? Looking to expand your marina’s lifting capacity? Contact our knowledgeable sales team here to get the conversation started.