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Riviera Enhances Efficiencies with the Addition of TM100 Transporter

Sturgeon Bay, WI – The recent delivery of a Marine Travelift TM100 (1,000 kg – 220,00 lbs) Self-Propelled Hydraulic Transporter to Riviera, the largest luxury yacht builder in the Southern Hemisphere, is the latest high-technology enhancement for their $10 million facility expansion to meet growing demand.

Riviera is located on more than 40 acres in The Gold Coast (Coomera, QLD, Australia), where they are currently operating a 75BFMII and a 50BFMII on site. The TM100 Transporter is the next stop in Riviera’s expansion plan which started with an enlargement of the final fit out building to accommodate larger yachts and the new transporter system.  The expansion and new transporter will allow Riviera to move motor yachts up to 100 tons more safely and efficiently; while also providing them more maneuverability moving in and out of production buildings.

The Tm100 is controlled by a wireless remote, offering the operator maximum visibility of the vessel and surrounding area. With an open-end design, it allows for precise, quick and easy positioning under vessels and eliminates the need for custom cradles, as previously used at Riviera.

“The new transporter enables our team to consolidate our workflow, creating greater efficiencies in the process of building luxury motor yachts” said Riviera’s Supply, Planning and Production director Kyle Davison.

“It provides a lot more maneuverability enabling better access to existing and new facilities, and by employing this state-of-the-art technology, the team can take advantage of improved efficiencies and safety on site.”

Riviera’s TM100 is equipped with optional increased gradeability, allowing the transporter to move over inclined, uneven, or sloped surfaces, further utilizing more yard space. Additionally, their selection of hydraulically inclinable boat pads, which can be individually controlled, gives the operator maximum precision. The pressures on the hydraulic pads are set at a level which the operator does not have to worry about them causing any damage to the hull of the vessel.

“The TM100 transporter with its innovative features and highly customized options is a very flexible tool for Riviera as they continue to grow and adapt to their customers’ needs and demands.” added Scott Agler, Sales Director for Asia & Oceania at Marine Travelift. “Marine Travelift is honored to be a partner with Riviera and the quality associated with our brands.”

The TM100 and all models of the self-propelled transporters at Marine Travelift, are designed with marina and yard efficiencies in mind. All models are equipped with standard remote control and crab steering. With lifting capacities ranging from 20 -160 metric tons and greater, along with numerous options for complete customization, the self-propelled transporters can help support your yard whether it be on its own or used in tandem with Marine Travelift’s mobile boat hoists.

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