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STURGEON BAY, WI – The recent delivery of a Marine Travelift M2300H (23,000lb/10,400kg capacity) Hydro M_Drive Marine Forklift to Ryder’s Cove Boat Yard in Chatham, MA allows the yard to service and store larger vessels as their local market mirrors the industry trend of larger, longer, and heavier boats.

“Ryder’s Cove Boat Yard is a full-service marina and boat dealership located right on the elbow of Cape Cod where we provide mooring, slip, and rack storage to approximately 200 boats. This small owner-operated boatyard has been under the same ownership for 28 years.” -Alan Cohen, President – Ryder’s Cove Boat Yard.


This Hydro M_Drive marine forklift has many custom options to suit the specific needs of Ryder’s Cove including a 105” wheelbase, center cab with wide view mast, a wireless remote for lift functions, and dual-axis joystick controls.

105” WHEELBASE           

Ryder’s Cove chose the shortest wheelbase available for the M2300H capacity class. This results in the tightest possible turning radius to maximize space and allows them to handle longer boats in their current dry stack setup.


Marine Travelift offers side or center cab orientations on the M2300H series. By choosing the center cab option on this machine, Ryder’s Cove operators will have unmatched visibility through the true wide-view mast. Not only does this setup put the operator in the center of the machine, but the mast and carriage are strategically designed to ensure the operator has maximum visibility when lifting to any level.


The remote control option on a Hydro M_Drive forklift now has more functionality than ever before. The remote for this M2300H at Ryder’s Cove can move the carriage up and down, swing each fork independently in and out, swing shift the forks left and right, and simultaneously swing both forks open and closed. Many yards have experienced reduced labor costs with the functions on this upgraded option. The operator can exit the forklift when it is parked at the bulkhead and operate the forks from the dock level as they situate the vessel before lifting.

When asked what operators think about the new addition to the equipment fleet at Ryder’s Cove, Alan Cohen replied “It is their favorite lift.”


Standard controls on the M2300H forklift are single-axis levers but can be outfit with dual-axis joysticks for operator preference and comfort. The operators at Ryder’s Cove had grown accustomed to a dual-axis joystick to control the carriage and tilt functions. To ensure the operators had a seamless transition to operating the facility’s new forklift, Marine Travelift provided the control setup they preferred.

Marine Travelift 2300H Hydro M_Drive Marine Forklift on site at Ryder's Cove Boat Yard in Chatham, Ma.

The M2300H delivered to Ryder’s Cove is the operation’s first Marine Travelift machine. On working with the company, Cohen says: “They have been very professional and easy to work with.” And “The sales process and setup were smooth.”

Cohen concluded by saying, “We are thrilled with our new machine. We’ve owned other forklifts prior to the Marine Travelift, and the M2300 is a well-engineered machine.”

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